10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Salman Khan


Salman Khan fans are well aware of everything that Salman Khan likes or dislikes. From his family relationships to his love life, the paparazzi keeps feeding the fans with minute stories about the superstar. Here are some interesting facts about the superstar that you might know be aware of.

1. Salman Khan’s Lucky Mascot - The Firoza Bracelet

 Source: ste.india 

2. His Love For Singing

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3. His Favourite Possession - The Studded Belts

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4. Salman’s Love For Denims

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5. His Favourite Perfume - Chanel Perfume

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6. His Faithful Companion - Shera

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7. Salman’s Choice Of Footwear - Harley Davidson Boots

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8. Salman’s Choice Of Food - Mom’s Handmade Biryani

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9. His Favourite Holidaying Destination - Dubai

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10. Salman’s Unconditional Love For His Family

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So, now you know what completes Salman as a person. He is incomplete without the love of his loved ones and the passion for things and hobbies which keep him going as a superstar, philanthropist and an artist.

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