Top 5 Low-Calorie Beer To Beat That Belly


Beer lovers simply live on beers. But for those, who are health conscious light beers are a good deal. They have low calories so that drinking them wouldn’t make one feel guilty. Here’s a list of top 5 low-calorie beer which you must drink to enjoy the drink without any fear.

1. Budweiser Select 

Calories:  55 Calories

If you are looking for a beer to unwind and refresh, this one is worth it. It is often touted to be the ‘bikini friendly beer’. Low in calorie and the effect of beer lasts for a long time.

Source: zevirestaurants

2. Heineken Light

Calories: 99 Calories.

This light beer has fewer calories, less alcohol content than other beers. It is good to taste and enjoy when you a drink when you don’t intend to get intoxicated.

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3. Beck’s Light

Calories: 64 Calories.

Low in calory with 2.3 content of alcohol in the drink, Beck’s light is a delightful drink for light beer lovers.

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4. Michelob Ultra

Calories: 95 Calories.

Less is truly more when you are drinking a beer like Michelob Ultra. A Refreshing drink, good to taste, the drink alters your mood from feeling exhausted to getting energized.

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5. Miller Lite

Calories: 96 Calories.

Miller Lite was officially the first mainstream light beer. Low on calories and carbs, this drink is healthy to consume. The beer company has also won several awards for serving the best beer in the United States.

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