Early Pregnancy Symptoms


You might have missed your periods and checked with home test kit to make sure you are pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms and its extent varies from woman to woman. But, these are some of the common symptoms experienced by most of the ladies in early pregnancy or what we call first trimester.

1. Tender breast

Breast becomes fuller, heavier and very tender to touch because of the increased levels of pregnancy hormones.

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2. Back pain and leg pain

Your body adapts to the changes taking place at a very fast pace. Therefore, most of the women complaints of backaches and leg pain.

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3. Headaches

Some women also experience mild headaches. But, headache gets worse, if expecting lady has problems of migraine before conception.

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4. Frequent urination

Growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder. Therefore, visits to washrooms increase by great extent.

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5. Morning sickness

Morning sickness not necessarily occurs in morning. It includes nausea and vomiting. Not every woman gets morning sickness.

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6. Fatigue

Feeling tired in early pregnancy is very common. This is due to the increased levels of progesterone hormone.

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7. Constipation

Food is digested very slowly in your stomach. Moreover, food takes lot of time to reach intestines causing constipation.

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8. Dizziness and fainting

Due to increase in blood volume, your blood vessels dilates hence, lowering your blood pressure. You might faint and feels dizzy most of the times.

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9. Bloating

Pregnancy hormones causes bloating. You might feel gassy all the times. It sometimes causes abdominal pain.

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10. Mood swings

Mood of the pregnant ladies changes drastically. Sometimes, they become emotional or whatever they like.

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11. Food cravings and heightened sense of smell

Some ladies start to crave for certain foods and smell of some foods become unbearable to them.

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12. Spotting

Few women experience spotting in early pregnancy, which is quite common. But, it may be alarming also.

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