15 Health Benefits of Drinking Beer No One Told You


Honestly, a lot of people talk about beer being extremely healthy but they don’t really know how exactly it benefits them. They just say it like it sounds good. It does but it is actually healthy. Here are the 15 healthy benefits of consuming beer that no one really told you.

1. Drink it for the blood 

Well, according to a research having a pint of beer makes your arteries flexible which leads to smooth blood flow.

Source: drizly

2. Drink it for the kidney

Studies confirm that drinking beer reduces the risk of kidney stones by 40%.

Source: 24infohealth

3Drink it for the heart

Yes, shockingly as earlier reports declared alcohols extremely harmful for heart, latest research declares a pint of beer healthy for it.

Source: idiotbox

4. Drink it for the wellness

Beer is rich in Vitamin B. Aren’t you just loving these reasons?

Source: pivnilaznespabeerland

5. Drink it for the joints

Certain amount of beer along with appropriate exercises can help cure Arthritis.

Source: medicaldaily

6. Drink it to fight cancer

Studies have proved that because of various compounds like Xanthohumol which are used in brewing beer, cancer can be cured.

Source: n2o

7. Drink it for the minerals

Beer has all the required amount of minerals from potassium, calcium to phosphorus.

Source: xenlife

8. Drink it for the recovery

It helps you recover and helps you hydrate even better than H2O after workout.

Source: grindtv

9. Drink it for the fiber

Beer has a lot of fiber to keep you away from excessive risky cholesterol.

Source: wallpaperscraft

10. Drink it for good cholesterol

Any kind of alcohol leads to increase in good cholesterol. Just make sure you take a controlled intake of it.

Source: hoppytrailsbeernews

11. Drink it for pleasure

Come on, nobody can deny how much relishing it feels to have beer with burger and fries.

Source: columbian

12. Drink it for the brain

The amount of silicon present in beer helps increase the brain functionality and keeps it protected from aluminium effects.

Source: huffpost

13. Drink it for the bones

Again because of the silicon content in beers, they help in strengthening the bones.

Source: smokeybones

14. Drink it for the appetite

Some people drink beer for a better appetite and better digestion.

Source: vinepair

15. Drink it for the immunity

People who drink a pint of beer on a daily basis are 31% less likely to suffer from heart diseases than those who don’t.

Source: ydailynews

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  1. Just drink good beers (craft beers)… no need for a list of reasons… no need for ANY written reason. Good beer is good. That is good enough.

  2. drink it for cirrhosis of the liver, DUI, BROKEN MARRIAGES AND LOST JOBS. Don’t forget aiding depression and suicide!

  3. yeh yeh yeh what if some one has become habitual to drink two bottles rather a pint every day and 5 bottles on each weekend, is it going to benefit in terms of health ?
    I am damn sure there are some other cheaper, better and non habitual ways are available to improve health or to get health related benefits.
    well i am not against beer rather i like to have beer.
    I am just sharing my thoughts because it looks to me that you are just trying to emphasize benefits of beer over other better, cheaper and non habitual ways available to improve health or to have health related benefits .

    but any way i like this discussion because many people think beer as a bad thing but it is not
    it is like having food is good for health but over eating can cause stomachache or even worst a heart failure.

  4. Beer also helps in water retension , it helped me :) I was bloated up due to water retention during the 8 th of pregnancy , I avoided salt and tried every possible thing eventually I gave up on all home remedies then I remembered that beer is the best diuretic hence i had some beer like medication and i recovered with in hour’s :)

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