5 Busted Pregnancy Myths That Every Teen And Adult Should Know


Today, a very large section of the population indulges in sex with either less or no knowledge about it. It is very important to know about these facts to stay away from any kind of an unwanted experience like pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Here are few:

1. Ejaculation

It is a myth that pregnancy will not occur if the penis would just be inside and out of the vagina without ejaculation. There’s another step before ejaculation i.e. pre-ejaculation which carries the liquid that has sperms.

Source: huffpost

2. First time

It is a myth that you will not get pregnant if you’re a virgin and it is your first time. Always wear protection.

Source: onionstatic

3. Menstrual cycle

It is a myth that you cannot get pregnant if you’re on your period. YOU CAN.

Source: nymag

4. Standing position

You have equal chances of getting pregnant if you have vaginal sex in standing position. Gravity has no effect on the movement of the sperm.

Source: salon

5. Orgasm

Feeling pleasure or not feeling pleasure during sex has no role to play in the fertilization of an egg.

Source: huffpost

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