18 Shocking Things That Happen When You Get Drunk With Your Best Friend


When you get together with your best buddy over a drink, what happens next are moments of endless laughter, craziness and host of other things that make up for an epic night of a lifetime. Here’s a list of suggested absurdities that takes place when you get drunk with your best friend.

1. You are full of love for each other.

This is the time when your best friend showers his real love on you.

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2.  You talk face to face with each other. 

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3. Your bestie will give you personal advice.

Suddenly the alcohol effect turns the entire conversation very serious.

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4. You save each other from awkward situations. 

To save each other from getting into a soup, is the best part of getting drunk with your friend.

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5. You motivate each other to be positive.

In the midst of all the fun, suddenly a precious life giving advice comes from your friend.

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6. You talk about your future insecurities.

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7. You can simply be yourself

And yell at the top of the world that “I am soo drunk”

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8. You munch on good food & gossip.

Good Food, Good Company, Alcohol & Endless Conversation.

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9. Only your best friend can understand your humour.

He/She can laugh the laugh and talk the talk with your alcohol consumed spirit.

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10. You Laugh Like Its The Best Day Of Your Life.

Until you fall off and hurt yourself to get back to the normal mode.

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11. You reveal your wildest secrets with your friends.

And after the hangover, your reaction is like…

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12. You share memories of your ex-relationships.

And laugh at the stupid things you did when you were love struck.

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13. You freely talk about SEX.

Drinking makes sex talks interesting & full of fun, especially if your best friend is paying all the more attention to your stories.

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14.  You end up sleeping together.

Umm..like brothers or sisters…

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15. You run out of alcohol

And you are in for soup when there is no food or alcohol left.

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16. You secretly end up stalking people on facebook

Together stalking is no more a secret but an exercise of real fun 😀

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17. You celebrate your failure by not giving a damn!

Because your friend understand you like no one else does.

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18. You bond over the terrible hangover in the morning

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