15 Things You Must Try Before Turning 30


Your’s 20’s aren’t easy. It is when you break away from the college life and enter into the world of reality. You realize about career goals, family priorities and personal life. In between all the other important things in life, there are lists of things you must pursue to make the most out of your life in 20’s. Here are the top 15 things to do to before you approach your 30’s. You don’t want to regret it later for the rest of your life.

1. Try Adventure sports

Explore the wildness of nature and find your energy flowing.

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2. Read Life Learning Books

Discover the books that can change the way you look at the world. It is during this journey that you will unravel the mysteries of life.

Read Life Learning Books

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3. Travel Solo

Give a chance to yourself to travel alone. Travel solo and make new friends in your journey. It can be a great way of understanding the world.

Travel Solo

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4. Go For Blind Dates

Life isn’t to be taken seriously. Just go and find a date for yourself and have fun.

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5. Get Rich

Try a way in which you could be really rich for a few days and spend the money living a leisurely life.

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6. Roadtrip with friends

Nothing like the experience of getting together with friends on a journey to happiness, fun and fulfillment.

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7. Learn To Cook 

Food is what everyone loves and what better skill to learn than to cook.

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8. Get Sloshed

Experience the craziness of getting drunk and live with the hangover, the next day.

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9. Fall In Love

Nothing like the passionate romance of the 20’s.  You feel like you have found your life partner and most of them do get one.

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10. Stay Fit

Exercise and keep your body in shape.  Burn fats, eat the right food and be disciplined.

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11.  Plan A Family Reunion

Spend some time with your loved ones and get to know them well. Discuss your goals in life and priorities.

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12. Travel Abroad

Explore the beauty of the West. Nothing like the trip to other countries of the world. Explore different languages, culture and enjoy a new way of life.

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13. Follow Your Dreams 

No matter whatever it takes, just do whatever it takes to reach where you wish to be.

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14. Kiss In The Rain

Make your own love story. Do something exciting to cherish forever.

Kiss In The Rain

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15. Be A Part Of The Change

It is in your 20’s that you develop the view of the world and fight for the change. Now is the time to take activist participation in the social change.

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