10 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Best Female Friend


Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates & guys are just people to have fun with - Carrie Bradshow,Sex And The City. 

Only a woman can truly understand the pain of another woman. That’s why every girl needs a girl best friend to take care of her when she is low, battling the difficult battles of her life. To sum it in a sentence, only one woman knows what another woman wants from her.

Here are 10 reasons why girls always need a BFF by her side.

1. Your girlfriend will protect you from the wrong guys

She knows who is good for you and who’s not.

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2. Your BFF loves shopping and gossiping like you do

She exactly enjoys the things that make your world interesting.

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3. Your girlfriend knows everything about you

From your first crush to the best-kept secret, nothing is hidden from her.

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4. She is the best counselor to your problems in life

She can give you the right advice. Be it your career or relationships.

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5. She knows your style of humour

Just an expression from your BFF will make you laugh.

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6. She is exactly like you

But different in other ways. That’s why you get along well with her.

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7. Your Girlfriend isn’t possessive about you

She doesn’t get jealous of your success or your boyfriend. That’s the reason why she is your best friend.

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8. She is your childhood best friend

Either she has been with you in school or you got lucky in your college days to have a friend like her.

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9. She is patient

To tolerate your craziness.

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10. She is your BFF

You love her for who she is and that’s enough for you to enjoy your company.

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