8 Qualities That Can Make You A Complete Dating Man Material


What a woman wants is a broad minded guy who has a wider approach towards life. Men who are extremely rigid, old-fashioned or those who possess a patriarchal mindset, are a complete turn off for women. Women love men who can understand them. Being good-looking or having a well-settled career is always an add-on but what matters the most is how charmingly chivalrous you are to take a woman by her hand and make her feel on the top of the world.

1. The Guy Who Isn’t Fussy About Her Virginity Issues

Gone are the days when the guy preferred a virgin woman. In a generation of digital dating applications and websites, a woman is looking for a man who can understand her sexual rights and not get judged by her sexual experiences. Experience, after all, makes everyone better in the bed game 😛

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2. The Guy Who Can Take Her Ex-Relationships Sportingly

Some guys are extremely insecure about the ex-partners of a woman. The baggage of the past spoils the relationship at present. Therefore, a wise and a mature guy deals with the past intelligently to not hamper the relationship at present.

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3. The Guy Who Doesn’t Judge Her For Drinking/Smoking

As long as the woman isn’t getting carried away with her habit, it is alright to accept that she occasionally likes to drink or smoke.

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4. The Guy Who Is Okay With Her Working For Late Hours

Don’t judge the character of a woman if she loves her work passionately enough to devote a little extra time to it. If Men can do it so can women. Instead, a guy should understand the need of the woman and ensure that she travels safely back to home from work.

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