12 Ways To Keep Your Baby Away From Heat Stroke


Heat stroke is quite a dangerous situation which takes place when someone’s body gets overheated abnormally. It is actually a life-threatening situation as the body’s capability to maintain the coolness of the body fails completely. Young children and babies are very much prone to it. Here are a few ways that can help you to keep your baby away from heat stroke.

1. Avoid the sun

Try not to spend much time under the sun, especially during extremely hot days.

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2. Beware of dehydration

Make sure you give your kid more liquids like glucose and various other energy drinks, juices etc. to keep your kid’s body hydrated and healthy. Double the consumption of water on very hot days.

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3. No tight clothes

Make sure you dress your child in loose clothes. Tight clothes make children irritable and more prone to heat stroke.

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4. Watch the drive

Do not drive in extremely hot temperatures with your child.

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5. Be extra protective

Do not put your kid in risk by leaving him/her in the parked car. Heat stroke can occur quite rapidly in a car parked under the sun.

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6. Be careful with the symptoms

Have a keen watch at your child. If he feels thirsty more than usual, feels cramps, high temperature, rapid pulse then make sure that you take him to the doctor as soon as possible.

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7. Other important symptoms

Other symptoms that you should keep a check on are vomiting, dizziness, unconsciousness, confusion, restlessness etc.

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8. In case of emergency

Don’t hesitate to call the ambulance. By the time the ambulance comes, make sure you take your child in some shade or a cool room.

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9. What else can you do?

You can give him a cool bath. You can also feed him with breast milk. If the child is quite a grown up, give him ample water to drink.

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10. Understand the body

Try to understand what suits your child’s body and what doesn’t. If he feels extremely uncomfortable and shows symptoms on a normal sunny day, make sure you take care of it. Avoid the sun and visit the doctor.

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11. Shade, the rescue

In order to keep your baby safe from the sun outside, try to keep your baby under the shade as much as possible.

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12. Air conditioner

Having an A.C. at home is a must in this scorching heat. Make sure you maintain a cool temperature in case of an emergency.

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