Shocking Facts About These Indian Royal Families Will Make You Look Poor Forever


When you imagine the grandeur of the palaces, the extravagant lifestyle of beauty and lavishness, you can’t help but picture the life of the royals who are still living the opulent life of richness and glory. A section few of them have resorted their legacy in the 21st century of technology and fading royal culture.

1. The Royal Family Of Jodhpur

The Royal Family Of Jodhpur owns the world’s largest private residence - the Umaid Bhawan in Jodhpur. Apart from this, they also own a few forts & palaces.

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2. The Royal Family Of Rajkot

The head of this royal family, Yuvraj Mandhatsinh Jadeja has invested around 100 crores in biofuel development and hydropower plants. The royal family has taken the enterprise to a whole new different level by tieing up with US Pizza to set up outlets across Gujarat.

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3. The Mewar Dynasty 

The family owns resorts, hotels, charitable institutions across Rajasthan with a collective staff of over 1,200 people to run them! This includes the gorgeous Jag Mandir Island Palace on Lake Pichola.The magnificent beauty of the place is enough to understand the grandeur of the Mewar Dynasty.

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