13 Steps To Go For A Perfect Body Massage For Your Baby


All mothers are aware of the importance of a good massage for their babies. But, not all of them know how to do it the right away. Therefore, they keep nannies for it. Here is your 13 steps guide for a perfect body massage for your baby.

1. Everything at one place

Make sure you have all the requirements in place. The oil, a towel, nappies, clothes etc.

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2. Take care of comfort

Make your baby comfortable. Make him lie down on a soft and comfortable surface. A towel or any soft surface would do.

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3. Use baby massage oil

Be careful with the choice of oil for your baby. Use edible oil as your baby’s fingers can go into his mouth. Make sure the oil isn’t too cold. Rub the oil in your palms.

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4. Be gentle 

Start with the legs as they are less sensitive. Do not rub hard, be very soft and slow.

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5. Slide your hands softly

Massage like milking his legs. Slide your hands through the legs very softly from top to bottom and then come to his feet.

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6. Cover whole feet 

Massage the feet with light fingers in circular motions in one direction. And then pull the toes very softly, again like milking them.

Source: infantmassagecertification

 7. Stretch baby’s arms

Use the same way to massage the baby’s arms. Don’t forget to form little circle softly with your fingers on his palms.

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8. Flattening the chest with a soft touch

Now gently come over to the tummy and chest and massage with palms very gently. Massage like flattening the chest with both the hands with a soft touch.

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9. Draw a smile

Now it’s time for the head and the face. Run your fingers through the forehead. Draw a smile from chin to cheek with your fingers. Do not get too close to the eyes and the nose.

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10. Back massage

Now, it’s time for the back. Carefully slide the baby’s body, making him lie on his stomach. Gently move your fingers from the centre to the outward direction softly.

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11. Draw little circles

Be careful with the shoulders and the lower back. Draw little circles with your fingers over the shoulders and the lower back and massage softly.

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12. Cuddling  

Put on the nappy and the clothes. How about a little cuddling?

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13. Have a beautiful sleep

Your baby might just want to doze off by then. Have a beautiful sleep with your baby.

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