7 Checklists For Staying Healthy, When You Travel Abroad


Travelling abroad can be a life-changing experience for many. New environment, food, culture, people and habits can invite physical changes in your body and health. Suddenly, you begin to push yourself to take responsibilities and ponder over things you could have taken back from home for staying healthy on your journey.

Therefore, to make things easy for you, here are the 7 checklists for staying fit and fine when you are travelling abroad.

1. Pack Your Medication In A Proper Container

If you are staying for an extended period of time, it is best advised to give a proper care on medication because you may not know if the medicines and other valuables that suit your body will be available in other country or not.

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2. Bring Your Own Supply Of Syringe If Use Insulin

Why take any risk which is to do with your health?

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3.  Keep The Emergency Contact Number With You

In case any emergency arise, individuals can contact your loved ones or the doctor to be informed.

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4. Create A Self-Care Kit

The self-care kit can include soaps, toothpaste, lotion creams, tissues and other prominent items which are needed from time to time. It is these small things that we often forget that compel us to feel dissatisfied on our journey.

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5. A File Book For All The Prescriptions

Important health-related prescriptions may be required for safety purposes. This will help the Doctors of a foreign country evaluate and examine the health problems more effectively.

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6. Home Made Remedies

Sometimes what can make us feel better are not the medicines but the home made remedies given to us by our elders or those who believe in the science of traditional medicine.

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7. An extra glass or contact lenses 

If you have an unclear vision, it is always suggested to carry an extra pair of contact lenses or glasses especially if you are travelling abroad.

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Enjoy your lovely foreign getaway but do not forget to carry the important items which can make your journey safe and secure…:)

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