10 Instagram Photos Of Varun Dhawan That Reveals How He Remains Stress-Free


Varun Dhawan is clearly the most energetic actors of B-Town. Apart from his versatile on-screen performances, the actor is known for his fit body and healthy lifestyle. Here’s a look into his personal life which reveals how the actor remains stress-free.

1. Varun’s Working Out Moments

The actor works out with the fittest actors of B-Town like John Abraham & Jacqueline Fernandes.

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2. Varun Dhawan’s Love For Food

Healthy food keeps the actor physically strong.

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3. Varun’s Love For Travelling

The actor refreshes himself in the beautiful travelling destinations of the world.

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4. Varun’s Fascination For Biking

Biking has many health benefits. It is a good way of remaining stress-free and energized.

Source: indiatoday 

5. Varun - A Fitness Freak

Definitely, one has to stay extremely focused & disciplined to achieve a body like this :)

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6. Varun’s Love For Dance

Dancing is one of the best ways to beat stress and stay energized.

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7. Varun’s Love For Adventure

The photograph tells it all. Adventure can beat down  stress & keep you joyful.

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8. Varun, A Pet Lover

Animals bring out the best in you. :)

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9. Varun, A Social Bee

Socializing with people suggest that you have a healthy life and you are a stress free person :)

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10. Varun, A Workaholic

An extensive part of an actor’s life includes training in the gym to look fit and fine. Work definitely helps beat a lot of stress and this picture reveals how dedicated varun is, towards his profession :)

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Featured Image: hdwallpapers