Alia bhatt, From Cute And Chubby To Hot And Sexy


The path to her dream was not a cakewalk for the cute, yet hot and sexy newbie, who made her way to the silver screen through her debut film Student of the Year. In order to fit into the shoes of glamorous Shanaya Singhania, Alia Bhatt had to sweat it out and lose close to 16 kgs in three months. The secret to her gorgeous body just got unlocked:

1. Working it out

Losing bulk weight is not an easy task; Alia’s workout consisted of three sets of dumbbell raises, push-ups, bicep curls, lat pull-down, triceps push down, crunches, back extensions, lunges, squats and running on the treadmill each with 15-20 reps for three days a week, for a duration of 30-45 mins. Apart from that she also practised kick-boxing, swimming, running and altitude training, along with dance.

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2. Controlling the diet

Alia had to part ways with her favourite French fries as the first step in her weight loss programme. She now follows a low-carbohydrates, high-protein diet, it contains nutrient rich foods such as papaya, salad and oatmeal. Her meals are planned as follows:

Breakfast: Varies from bread toast, cornflakes, fruit, a bowl of poha, a vegetable or an egg white sandwich, along with a cup of tea or coffee, without sugar.
Mid-morning: A glass of vegetable juice, along with a fruit or an idli with small bowl of sambhar.
Lunch: Dal, roti and some vegetable, cooked in little or no oil.
Evening snacks: A fruit and a cup of tea or coffee, without sugar.
Dinner: Roti, vegetables, rice with a bowl of dal or a piece of chicken breast, cooked in little or no oil.

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3. Cheat a bit

Though Alia strictly follows her diet, she takes a day off once a week, by cheating on her diet. She indulges in noodles, aloo fried or chaats on that day. However, she compensates for that through her detox meal, which includes doodhi juice, sprouts and lime water.

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4. Relax with yoga

The patakha guddi, attributes her figure to Ashtanga yoga. She is of the opinion that yoga is necessary for a beautiful skin and radiant looks. Her yoga practices consist of Surya Namaskar and stretching yoga postures.

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5. Sip it up

She believes that water helps reduce weight quickly, hence she drinks plenty of water.

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