Celebrate Eid With These Mouth Watering Food Items


After a month of fasting, the Holy month of Ramzan comes to an end with Eid Ul Fitr. The day is marked by celebrations all across the world. Men, women and children dress up in traditional clothes and greet each other with lots of love, blessings and eidi. It is then followed by a huge feast which includes a variety of cuisines, desserts & drinks.

On Eid, people relish all things that are rich in food items, sweet and creamy for a normal day. Here’s a list of famous food cuisines and sweets that one must enjoy on the day of Eid.

1. Mutton Biryani

Spicy, fragrant biryani made with rich ingredients and mutton meat is too tempting to resist on the occasion of Eid.

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2. Sheer Kurma

No festival is complete without relishing the dessert and Sheer Kurma is the famous Mughlai dessert made especially on the festival occasion of eid-ul-fitr.

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3. Mutton Korma

Spicy and mouth-watering meat curry which is made of specific ingredients to add a distinct taste to the recipe. It is also one of the popular food items to try on the auspicious occasion of Eid.

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4. Seviyan Kheer Dessert

Seviyan is a traditional dessert especially made during the festivity of Eid. Ingredients like pistachios and almonds add flavour to the dessert.

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5. Kababs

Spicy, filling & delicious to eat, kababs are very popular food items for Eid. It is especially eaten at night during Eid parties.

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6. Malai Kofta

This Mughlai recipe is best enjoyed with Naan and other dishes. It is a good choice to enjoy koftas for a special Eid lunch.

Malai Kofta

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7. Rasmalai

Rasmalai is the juicy sweet dish soaked in rasgulla flavoured milk cream. Celebrate eid with this tasteful dessert.

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