10 Interesting Facts About Eid Al Fitr That Everyone Must Know


Eid Al Fitr which means ‘the festival of breaking fast’ is expected to arrive on 17 July in the majority of countries over the world. The day is celebrated in full spirit among the Muslims of the world, after a month of piety, fasting and refraining from all the tempting desires of the world. As the day to Eid Al Fitr come closer, here are some interesting facts that you must know to celebrate the festival in full swing.

1. The word Ramadan means drying or scorching heat

It is the month of controlling your desires and learning to refrain from the temptations of the world.

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2. Fasting is important once Muslims reach puberty

Children can fast if they wish to and those who are exempted from fasting include the sick people, pregnant or menstruating women and the elderly people.

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3. During Ramadan, Muslims try to imbibe good behaviour and character building

They are asked to refrain from swear words, bad behavior or to talk ill about any individual.

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4. The time to fast varies across the world

There are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and the fasting time varies across the world depending upon the time zone they live in.

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5.  Fasting has many health benefits

Fasting helps in weight loss and keeps the individual mentally strong.

6. The day before Eid Al Fitr is the day to help the needy

Muslims are encouraged to help the needy in whatever capacity they could. This act of charity is known as sadaqah al fitr.

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7.  A major part of Eid consists of performing prayer in the open ground

Surrending yourself to the Almighty which is followed by prayers and greeting people.

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8. With the sight of the crescent moon on the 29th or 30th, the celebration of Eid begins

And it is considered to be a pristine and holy experience among those who go through the journey of fasting to feasting.

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9.  It is considered auspicious to dress in good clothes on the day of Eid

And greet each other with warm hugs and wishes.

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10.  It is encouraged to have the best of attitude on the day of Eid

The Prophet said that smiling is charity. Begin the day with a smile and spread the happiness around.

It is encouraged to have the best of attitude on the day of Eid

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