6 Times Humans Proved To Be The Most Dangerous Breed


Dogs are more faithful than humans. The worst we can do is hurt them. They cannot speak and humans make sure they hurt them even more. Here are those times when humanity went on a toll.

1. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival 

The very fact that dogs are boiled live, stabbed gives me goosebumps. And they call it a festival. It happened in China even after so much scorn, so many lacs of petitions. Where is the humanity?

2. Stop looking away

Every time when you see a dog dying on the streets, and you look away, you become a murderer. Stop doing that and call the nearest dog help centre.

Source: jessicahodgsonphotography

3. When humans intentionally hurt them

“According to horrifying reports on PET FBI, a greyhound was washed up on the river Foyle this morning. An issue that we are very familiar with was the fact that his ears had been removed, and many of us know that this suggests very strongly it was in intentional act of cruelty.”

Source: cdn

4. When you see them bleeding

When you see them wounded and when you decide to ignore that’s when you do the sin.

Source: animalfair

5. When you crush them under your wheels

So often humans rash drive, especially during midnights and just kill so many puppies and dogs and do you know what’s the worst part? They leave them there, dying.

Source: theloveddog

6. Is it fair to kill them in the name of tradition?

It’s now or never. The fact that humans have the power of words, make them the most superior species, don’t waste them. Do something!

Featured image: ioneglobalgrind