Foodie’s Paradise - 7 Best Eating Out Places In Bangalore.


Bangalore has amazing weather and classy food tradition. Although, its specialty is the South-Indian food, but there are lots of places where one can find authentic North-Indian, Chinese, Coastal and Japanese food items.

If you are a foodie, you must try these local food joints in Bangalore where you can enjoy the best delicacies of Bangalore.

1. Iyengar Bakery

Dil pasand, potato bun, apple cake, khara bun, toast and many other snacks can make your day special in this bakery located next to Jayanagar, block complex.  It’s a small shop which is always crowded with foodies, eager to lay their hands on fresh food items.

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2. Mavalli Tiffin Room

If you are craving for a simple, homely atmosphere to eat then Mavalli Tiffin Room or MTR is the place of your choice.  The décor of the place is outdated and it has an old rustic vibe to it, but the food quality tops it all.  Famous food item in the place includes Rava idli, Dosas and more.

 Mavalli Tiffin Room

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3. Davangere Benne Masale

The crispy dosa is made on huge earthen tawas and it served with super spicy chutney. Davangere benne masale has many food joints in Bangalore, but the one that’s located in Basaveshwarnagar serves delicious dosas and other south Indian delicacies.

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4. Aloro

Craving for Italian food?  Located in Hotel Crown Plaza, Aloro has the elegant interiors and the authentic Italian pizzas made with fresh antipasti and a variety of seafood and meats. So this is the best place to enjoy a perfect Italian dinner with your loved ones.

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5. Harima

Exclusively run by Japanese owners and chef’s, foodies can dwell themselves on authentic Japanese food items like sushi, sashimi, yakitori and host of other Japanese items.  Harima is located in the Residency road, Bangalore.  For those who enjoy experimenting with different kinds of cuisines, this place is highly recommended.

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6. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

If you are in South Bangalore, Brahmin’s Coffee Bar is where you can get the cheap and authentic South-Indian food items with upma, sheera, filter coffee to make your day refreshing.  The place is located in the Ranga Rao Road, where you can simply dig into   delicious food recipes.

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

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7. Punjabi By Nature

Food lovers of  spicy North-Indian cuisine are in numbers and  one of the best restaurants to fulfill your urges to try the tempting chicken butter masala or kadhai paneer is — Punjabi By Nature. The restaurant has a number of chains in other parts of India. Located in Kortamangala area, this restaurant has a world-class ambience and great service to enjoy a perfect meal.

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