5 Easiest Yoga Exercises To Detox Yourself From The Everyday Stress


Stress has become an inevitable part of our lives. It affects us not just mentally but also physically. Our every action gets affected. The more stressful we stay, the more negative and depressive we tend to become. Thus, it becomes extremely important to detox ourselves from this stress in order to lead a better and a productive life. Here are a few yoga exercises to help you come out of the stressful stress.

1. Just breathe

Breathing is the most easiest way to de-stress yourself. Just breath-in slowly, stay and exhale calmly. Repeat it for a couple of times, and there you are, feeling better.

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2. Drop it

Just stand straight, and bend forward completely with your torso, with the crown of your head facing the floor leading the back of your legs stretch long. Stay there and just breathe.

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3. Just surrender

Lie down on the floor, with legs lose and apart. Let your hands and arms relax, and just stay there, relaxing yourself like never before. This is called the peaceful Savasana!

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4. Legs up the wall

Lie down with your hips against the wall and stretch your legs upwards. It will help you relax after a long tiring day.

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5. Stretch a little

With your feet firm and apart on the ground, just bend towards first the right knee and then the left, and continue doing this for a couple of times. You can also try head rotations clockwise and anti-clockwise.

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