9 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex More than Just Once In A Week


Sex is extremely important, not just to reproduce off-springs but for various other meaningful things. But, a certain section of India has never been very open when it comes to discussing about sex and it is the same till date. We have listed some science-backed reasons that will convince you to have more sex with your partner.

1. It increases the immunity

Research shows that people who engage in sex more than once or twice in a week are more immune to catching common cold or flu than those who don’t.

Source: discovermagazine

2. It’s a good start for the day

Morning sex helps you relax and maintain your cool during a busy day at work. Nobody wants to leave home for work in extremely pensive mood.

Source: huffpost

3. It helps you de-stress

When you indulge in sex your body produces dopamine which fights the stress hormones and oxytocin which eventually makes you feel better and less stressed.

Source: psychologies

4. It improves your heart health

More sexual indulgence makes you immune from higher risks of heart attacks and you are less likely to develop any kind of heart disease.

Source: pritikin

5. It increases brain power

A study on rats have proved that during sex the amount of neurons increase in hippocampus, the part of the brain that stores memories and emotions and hence improves mental activities and power.

Source: huffpost

6. It makes your mood better

Orgasms during sex make you feel good and pleasurable. It gives you positive vibes which give you a lot of strength to fight with the negative emotions.

Source: oprah

7. Burn more and more calories

Studies show that 30 minutes of sex burns more than 144 calories. Therefore, it is good for overall fitness. Exercise for a better sexual experience.

Source: askmen

8. It maintains blood pressure

Sex helps to maintain blood pressure by lowering the high blood pressure, the diastolic blood pressure.

Source: wp

9. Sex is a good healer

During sex, our body produces hormones like serotonin, endorphins, and phenyl ethylamine which makes you forget about your various body aches.

Source: nyoobserver

Featured image: bp.blogspot