9 Things Every Girl Who Is A Foodie Will Instantly Relate To


Foodie girls are the most fun-loving people. They never mind even if you call her fatty. Cause she is a foodie!

She loves food and that’s why she never gets annoyed when you tease her for her love! Here are some points with which every foodie girl will relate to!

 1. Foodie girls don’t care about what everybody thinks of her habit. All she needs is FOOD!

 2. She isn’t dramatic, she’s straight, if the food isn’t good. It is not!

3.”Abey bss kr, ab aur kitna khaegi” That’s one line which everybody uses for her.

4. “Dieting” the hardest task for her.

 5.”Yarr aur kuch bacha hai? Pichle adhe ghante se kuch nahi khaya” They’re never full!

6. They are the best guide when you are looking out for a good and pocket-friendly food place nearby!

7. Their day starts and even ends with food. They live for it!

8. Foodie girls are never done with eating. They eagerly wait for people to say “I’m done” so that they can get a chance to bump on it!

 9. Sharing is something which they hate from the bottom of their heart!

source: cultnuts

featured image source: thefoodiegirls