Best Vegetables Good for Skin


A planned and balanced diet is an essential factor affecting the looks of a person. We have created a list of vegetables containing nutrients that are essential for skin nourishment.


Eat carrots daily to include vitamins in body. Carrots are full with vitamins. In addition it contains carotenoid which acts as an anti-oxidant for skin fighting the pollutants in skin and giving you a healthy young skin. It also provides moisture to skin keeping your skin soft. You can also apply carrot paste to skin. Mix carrot juice to aloe-vera and apply it to skin. Now let it remain for 30 minutes so that your skin absorbs all vitamin moisture and anti oxidants. After 30 minutes wash it with cold water.


Cucumber is natural astringent and has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that makes skin soft and fair. Cool cucumber slices for 20 minutes. Now apply it to your skin and let it stay for 25 minutes. This helps to cure your many skin problems like sun burn, remove dark spots, lighten skin color. It can also be used to remove wrinkles from skin keeping your body hydrated and your skin moisture.


Potato is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is very good for getting fair and glowing skin. Also it contains enzyme catecholase enzyme that removes impurities from skin. It is a natural bleaching agent for cleaning skin. Apply potato paste all over your skin for 30 minutes. This will clear the dark spots, acne scars, an is also effective to lighter your dark circles. Potato is very good vegetable for keeping skin healthy.


Tomato is good source of anti-oxidants moisture vitamin A to C. Lycopere which is an anti-oxidant makes tomato a natural anti-aging product. Vitamin C in it helps to build collager that repairs the damaged skin and makes our skin fair. Apply tomato paste to your skin and let it on wash it after 20 minutes. This will help in removing dirt from pored, treat fine lines on skin, moisture skin, remove dark spots and keep your skin glowing. Also include tomato in your diet to have soft, clear and glowing skin naturally.


Use lemon to naturally bleach your skin. Citric acid in lemon can be used to clear oils and dead cells from skin. Vitamin C in lemon improves skin complexion. Apply lemon juice to skin. In case of inflammation wash it immediately with cold water. Next time mix it with aloe-vera and honey and then apply. Lemon is an effective vegetable for getting clean, clear and fair skin.


Beetroots also contains anti-oxidant lycopene that provides protection to skin against sun. Beetroots also helps for getting fair skin tone. Apply beetroot on your skin once a week for natural skin exfoliation. This will clear the dead cells from skin and give you a oil free, glowing and clean skin.


It is advised to include cabbage in diet for getting glowing skin. Cabbage contain an anti-oxidant called indole 3-caboxite that improves flexibility of skin and prevents it from stretch marks and wrinkles. Apart from this it contain omega-3 fatty oils and vitamins that help in skin nourishment. According to a recent research cabbage is an excellent anti-aging vegetable that keeps our skin young and healthy.


Broccoli is good source for ROA of vitamin C that is one of the best anti-oxidant to fight the skin damaged from sun. It is also a good source of vitamin A. Eating broccoli helps to keep skin fresh, healthy and radiant.


Spinach is a good source for vitamin A,C, E and iron . Eating spinach helps to get rid of itchy skin. Vitamin E provides moisture to skin while vitamin C lightens skin complexion. Vitamin A helps in repair damaged cells. It is also effective in removing pimples and keep your skin clear.

Source: caretricks

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