5 Daily Habits That Are Making You Fat


5 daily habits that are making you fat

If you’ve been piling on excess kilos lately, you might have a reason to blame these few reasons

Taking big bites:

It is widely believed that people who take big bites while eating, consume more calories as compared to those who take smaller bites. So, when you take a bite, chew it properly so that it gives you the feeling of having eaten enough.

Not drinking enough water:

People who consume less water through the day, are susceptible to putting on weight than those who keep drinking water. This is because water flushes out the toxins in your body that makes you feel bloated.

Eating on larger plates:

Those who eat off larger plates are believed to put on weight than those who eat off smaller plates. The bigger your plate is, the more food you will put in it. So, the best way to control your hunger is by eating on small plates.

Not getting enough rest:

Well, weight gain is not restricted to eating habits alone. One may even pile on kilos if he/she does not get enough sleep. Did you know that your body burns fat even while you are sleeping? So, now you know what ought to be done.

Going out with unhealthy friends:

Those who hang out with people who are used to eating and drinking unhealthy may also end up putting on weight, says studies. This is because you end up eating the same food that your friends order, since you do not have much of a choice.

source: timesofindia

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