7 Indian Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Gaping.


We’ve all sniffed in whiffs at international conspiracy theories, be it 9/11, JFK assassinations, or even about Beyoncé being a member of the Illuminati! However, have you ever come across these desi conspiracy theories? Buckle up conspiracy buffs, you’re in for a ride.

1. Emperor Ashoka and his secret society of ‘The Nine Unknown Men’.

Talbot Mundy, in his 1923’s novel ‘The Nine Unknown’, wrote about a secret society founded by Ashoka, the Mauryan Emperor. Set around 270 BC, the society was started to preserve and develop knowledge that would prove dangerous to humanity lest they fell into the wrong hands. Divided into nine books, this knowledge was departed to each of the nine unknown men as one solitary book. These men were vested with the responsibility of upholding the destiny of modern India.

Scientists like Bose and Ram were said to believe in the existence of society and were rumoured to have received communication from them. The nine books entrusted to the Nine contained valuable information ranging from warfare to microbiology and from anti-gravity devices to even time travel!

2. The death of Subhas Chandra Bose.

Bose died from third degree burns after his overloaded Japanese plane crashed in Taiwan in 1945. Conspiracy theories surfaced hours after his death, and till date keep people enthralled with their vivid complexities, causes, and possible truths? Here’s what historian Joyce Chapman Lebra had to say about this:

“Stories persist that Netaji has become a sanyasi (holy man) and has been seen in the Naga Hill country of Assam; that he was a member of a Mongolian trade delegation in Peking; that he lives in Russia; that he is in the Chinese Army. […] Pictures have been produced to prove that Netaji is still alive. Bose’s family has announced at times that he is in hiding and will return to India when the time is right. In February 1966, Suresh Chandra Bose announced to the press that his brother would return in March. To date, however, Bose has not reappeared to contradict the evidence that he died in the crash in Taiwan. But the myth lives on.”

3. The Chinese Coin Conspiracy.

Maharshi Maanus claims to have unearthed the biggest conspiracy against India! Maanus claims agents from China infiltrated the Indian economy through the Reserve Bank, and leveraged the designing decisions of the apex financial regulator. The new rupee and two rupee coins look extremely similar and this, he believes is genius. This theory may seem superficial at first, but it was aimed at slugging India’s growth rate and inherently rendering them less efficient.

“Though these delays might be individually insignificant, when we look at the macro perspective of more than a billion people wasting a few seconds on every transaction ever conducted, these lost seconds combine to a staggering total of 53.7 million man hours each year. This is according to our rough and rather conservative estimates,” explaines internist Arjun Rao, who worked on this research project under Maharshi Maanus.

So, if you’ve ever spent a few extra moments squinting your eyes between two one rupee and two rupee coins, you’ve fallen prey to this genius plot.

4. Aadhar Card Conspiracy.

We’ve all recently passed through the hassle of getting ourselves one of these, but are they really meant for the purpose the government claims it? The primary goal of this card was to pin a form of identity on every Indian, fledged with a 12 digit unique number, and linked to his/her demographic and biometric information.

This creates a centralised database, with priceless information of the masses of a whole nation. With only one more country having a similar database, Chile, could this be a dying attempt at crumbling the government with pressurising MNCs buying their way in; just another scandal for the men in white to make mountains of money?

5. Mother Teresa – an undercover agent?

Mother Teresa, the frail nun who was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace, who spent her life serving the poor and working towards their upliftment – was there more than met the eye? According to a book, The Missionary Position – Mother Teresa In Theory And Practice, by Christopher Hitchens, she is described to be diverting money towards a worldwide network of convents; money that was originally gathered to build a hospital. It is claimed that she was a Catholic pawn, used to further their theological and political aims.

6. Agni V – the hidden missile?

Agni V, a ballistic missile by DRDO, was test launched on April 19, 2012. Initial comments by the DRDO Chief claimed the missile range to be confidential, but later it was reported to be 5500-5800 km. It was reportedly developed with a target range of 5000-8000 km.

Chinese experts however, felt that the missile had the potential range of 8000 km on the grounds that Agni IV weighed 1700 kg and had a range of 4000 while Agni V weighed 50000 kg with a range of 5800 km. The Chinese claimed that range was deliberately downplayed by the Indian officials; payback for the coins perhaps?

7. Homi Bhabha targeted by the CIA?

Father of the Indian Nuclear Programme aka Homi Bhabha passed away when Air India flight 101 crashed near Mont Blanc on January 24, 1996. Some speculate involvement of CIA with the crash as an attempt to derail India’s nuclear programme. A jute bag labelled ‘ministry of external affairs’ and ‘diplomatic bag’ was recovered near the crash site in June 2012 near the French Alps and was returned to India as property of Homi Bhabha. Suspicious, no?

Source: youthconnect

featured image source: youthconnect