Fresher and looking for a job? Only you can understand these things


You have just finished up with your graduation and you are low on motivation,instability of future aspects, lack of confidence and the biggest thing is finding the job as a fresher

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It feels like this is the hell phase of life and day by day we are getting deep down the sea of hopes, of getting the job!

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Let’s face it here that what are the feelings and situations we face while seeking the job as a fresher!

1. You lose all the hopes of getting any positive reverts!

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2. When you ask any reference for the help and people take you lightly, feels like to destroy that man!

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3. When your friend gets the job while you both have started seeking job together - Heart Breaking isn’t

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4. No Reply from all the 7 jobs you have applied, and constant no reply from anyone, kills you every second!

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5. Why no vacancy for freshers? Firms want experienced people, fresher can be experienced without a job? How? 

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6. When people ask “What’s up with you? Joined anywhere” and you are like ” _____” all blank 

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7. You get a call for an interview, and they say,” oh you are a fresher, hmmm well we were looking for at least 1 year experienced person”! and you are like “Didn’t you see my resume before calling” !

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8. Finally when you get the job call, but it’s really below your aspirations!

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