11 Really Energetic Dance Forms That Will Help You Destroy Those Inches


If you want to lose weight and the gym is not your thing, all is not lost. Dancing is way better than that mundane gym workout, so you can shake a leg and easily lose those love handles. Here are 11 interesting dance forms from which you can choose to stay fit…

1. Belly Dancing

belly dance

The dance form, which was made popular by pop singer Shakira, can help you shed kilos by the dozen! The isometric, slow movements tone your buttocks and decrease abdominal fat. You can burn up to 300 calories with one hour of belly dancing.

2. Zumba


Zumba is the latest fitness fad which many are trying out today. Funky beats and choreographed dance steps will work on your arms, legs and abs. If you go at full intensity through the entire class, then you can easily burn between 350-600 calories.

3. Pole Dancing


Before you enroll for a pole dancing class, a word of caution - you will have to struggle a LOT in the beginning. But once you learn how to climb the pole, you will gain flexibility. With 400-500 calories shed every class, you can easily lose that muffin top.

4. Hip Hop

tiny drops

This dance form requires great energy and a swag attitude. Hip-hop is all about attitude, and will tone your body with elegance, making your body language strong and one of a kind. You can burn around 300 calories by hopping to a funky hip-hop song.

5. Salsa


This Latin American dance form is sensual and sexy. Salsa follows a pattern of six steps which goes along with a count of eight. With heavy swaying, bends and swirls, you need to be well co-ordinated with your partner. If done properly, a class of an hour will burn around 420 calories.

6. Masala Bhangra

masala bhangra

You can get into shape by going ‘balle balle’ with Masala Bhangra. There are fun moves like hot tamale, cupid, gabroo, bhangra groove, and bhangra love which are to be learnt in this dance style. Shaking a leg on masala bhangra can make you lose up to 500 calories per hour.

7. Freestyle


It’s called freestyle because you can freely move around without any choreographed dance steps. With this dance, you can dance alone and you can dance like nobody’s watching. The calories burnt depend on individuals since the dance steps do not follow any particular choreography.

8. Kathakkathak

The classical dance form helps combat arthritic pain, tones your body, and increases stamina. With Kathak, you can burn around 400-600 calories per session.

9. Samba


You don’t really need the over-the-top Sambista costume for a Samba dance. This Brazilian style dance is a vigorous workout that will make you shed the flab on your waist and hips. It involves a straight body and a bending of one knee at a time. You can burn upto 340 calories an hour with Samba

10. Bollybics


Aerobics done on Bollywood numbers becomes Bollybics. Like Zumba, this fusion dance form requires high energy and can burn up to 1000 calories per one hour session.

11. Capoeira


With high kicks, punches, non-stop moving and shaking, the Capoeira workout is not for people with low on energy. It’s a form of martial art which combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. This high-intensity workout can burn around 500 calories per hour.


featured image source:youtube