35 Movies That Will Be Super Awkward To Watch With Parents


Have you ever watched a movie at the theatre or on TV with your parents, when suddenly the lead characters found the need to express their love for each other and ‘things’ started flashing here and there. Awkward? Of course. Happened to the best of us. Turned uncomfortably in your seat? Tried to look towards your parents but couldn’t find the courage? Been there done that.

Don’t worry bro! We’ve all been there, doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about it now. Here’s a compilation of 35 such movies which made things so awkward with your parents that you came out with a blue face:

1. Titanic

Super awkward, I know. That scene with the locket and the pencil sketch has embarrassed the entire generation of the 90s in front of their parents. God have mercy on those who saw it in a theatre.

Source: stylecaster

2. Wolf of Wall Street

If the nudity, cocaine and roofies weren’t enough, this despicable portrayal of Wall Street broker Jordan Belfort has close to 3 F bombs per minute.

Source: Entertainment

3. Oldboy/Zinda

Korean cult classic ‘Oldboy’ and its Hindi remake ‘Zinda’ are so violent and spooky at the same time. Oldboy’s climax - MY GOD.

Source: beautiful-martian

4. American Pie series

Watching a group of High Schoolers and then College goers go around trying to hump their biggest crush, this series was embarrassing in every which way.

Source: Youtube

5. Magic Mike

This story about a journey of a few male-strippers can put you to shame in a thousand ways, with Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer’s perfectly sculpted bodies and the skin-show.

Source: urwallpapers

6. Fifty shades of Grey

Based on the best-selling material by E L James, the film is quite a toned-down version of the book, and yet not sure how many parents will be comfortable watching a young girl get spanked by some jackass billionare.

Source: DailyBeast