26 Photos That Prove There’s Something Wrong With Pakistan


Are they badass? Are they brave-hearted? Are they unconventional? Or are they plain stupid? You be the judge. After all, seeing is believing.

1. Isliye bolte hain toothpaste mein namak hona chahiye.

2. Don’t know who’s the pet. The leopard or the human.

3. Watch your step, bro.

4. Because jodis are made in showrooms.

5. While our Spider-man sings songs, their’s has different priorities.

6. Too bad he was riding it without a license.

7. Look at that ass!

8. Because safety first.

9. The pilot probably stopped by to have some chai-biscuits.

10. And you thought only Indians knew jugaad?

11. Snooker my ass!

12. Dandiya time, bitches!

13. Ab bus bhi kar yaar!

14. May the force be with you.

15. That’s how real men diffuse a bomb.

16. Jagah dill mein honi chahiye.

17. I can do that. Here, hold my beer.

18. Plot twist: The train had bought a ticket to ride people.

19. Now you can die in peace.

20. Be a reporter, they said. I’d be fun, they said.

21. Bacche paanch hi acche.

22. Ab ghar-ghar mein burger!

23. No matter how fast the criminals, Pakistani police always nabs them. Eventually.

24. Abey darr kyun raha hai? Bhai hai na.

25. Featured here a Pakistani cousin of Vidya Balan, Am-balan(s).

26. Because mobile phones are too Indian.

source: scoopwhoop

featured image source: scoopwhoop