Surprising Facts Why Bullet Should Be EveryMan’s Pride


Royal Enfield needs no introduction. It is one brand which has successfully managed to create a niche for itself. Amidst a host of asinine bike ads, absurd name for bikes (Glamour, Hunk) and vehicles especially designed for men, women, youngsters, children and even pet dogs, Royal Enfield has stood out as a brand with great recall value.

From the hippie heroes of the 70’s to the cool niggas of today’s time, everyone respects Bullets as a vehicle of God.  However, the reality of the bullet owner is different. Here are a few pointers which will disclose the reality of the bullet owner in India.

1. Owning a Bike - Just A Honeymoon Phase

You have owned the most gorgeous looking bike - Bullet. A bike which not only looks good but is revered for it’s qualities. Once you are done flaunting it to your well-wishers, it comes to down the real business which is that of maintenance.

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2. The Repair Excercise

In a few days, you feel the first signs. You smell a little oil, only to look down at the engine and notice an oil leak.  In short, you start taking your time off as a part-time mechanic.


3. Meeting With The Mechanic

When you own a Bullet, the frequent visit to the mechanic becomes a ritual. In fact, when the mechanic sees you, he flashes a wide grin, doing a mental calculation of all the expenses he could add out of your minor glitch.  For you not only own a bullet but you run the household expenses of your mechanic. Your bike will require a repair almost every week, and nobody on earth seems dearer to you than your mechanic.

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