5 Ways To Say - Will You Marry Me?


1. Snorkeling your way to marriage

If your partner is a water baby and so are you, then this should be quite an adventure. You could choose a snorkeling destination (if convenient) and take her there. Jump right in and pop the ring underwater! Ensure you don’t misplace the ring in the process.


2. Pool of love

As a substitute to the snorkeling option, if that’s a bit out of your way then simply jump into a pool! You could go to a resort nearby or even the one in your residential area. To keep the feel romantic and special, sprinkle rose petals in the water and decorate the premises with some balloons. Try lighting some floating candles and set the music just right. Get her to dip into the pool with you and just surprise her with the ring there.


3. Scrabble it

If your girlfriend or partner is a vocabulary or scrabble enthusiast, then there couldn’t be a better way to pop the big question to her. Lay the scrabble board with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ or ‘Marry me’ already with a ‘Y’ or ‘N’ option besides it. See how she reacts to this thoughtful word game.


4. Go back to where you first met


With long and eventful years of courtship, sometimes you tend to forget the very first moments that started it all. For a simple yet special way to speak your heart out, take your partner to the place where you saw each other, the first time. You could arrange for the classroom where your eyes first met or simply the friend’s house you first bonded at. If you have pictures of those good old days, place them all over. Behind those pictures write your question, in a series. See how that works for you. Or simply hold her close and slip the ring into her finger!


5. Love diary

Present your love with a diary, tracking pictures and memories since you both met, in a timeline format. Against every year mention how the status was between the both of you and then when you reach the current year, say it that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Or place the ring there in a small pouch safely.

Both of you would undoubtedly be very excited for the new beginnings but you have to keep in mind a few rules and secrets to a successful marriage. Know how to work on your marriage and keep it strong.


Article Source: thehealthsite

Featured image source: ezyshine