10 Photos That Show How A Mother’s Love Is The Greatest Love


Since time immemorial, mothers have been a child’s best friend/mentor/guide/protector. If there’s one person who loves you more than you love yourself, it’s your mother. And no matter how old and experienced and strong we become, a hug from our mother always makes us feel protected.

Over the years, several heartfelt tributes have been paid to mothers across the globe via movies. But since fact is stranger than fiction, check out these images of mothers proving yet again, why they’re the closest we can get to God.

1. Because a mother is always willing to shoulder all your responsibilities.

2. She can get into neck deep troubles just to keep you safe.

3. She might not be educated but she can teach you some of the most valuable lessons in life.

4. She’ll do any amount of labour to fill your stomach.

5. No matter how old or powerful you become, you’ll always remain a small child to her.

6. They’ll fight with the world to protect you.

7. A smile on your face is the only comfort they crave for.

8. Even if they’re suffering, they’ll still take care of you first.

9. They’ll die protecting you.

10. She might be the toughest person on the planet, but you can melt her heart.

Source: scoopwhoop

featured image source: gmbakash