11 Situations Where Your Neighbours Are More Worried Than Your Parents In India


1. When they have come to your house and inadvertently you appear in a hot, sexy dress, your much engrossed neighbours start asking you questions about where you’re going.

 2. They are the ones who are most interested in knowing your salary and about your promotions.

3. They annoy you asking again and again about the reason for your sitting at home on a working day.

4. They always enquire about your family issues. It is only a topic of gossips for them.

5. When you’re willing to buy a car or other things, they ruin your mood by asking unlimited questions about your budget.

6. They always intrude on your family issues and marriage matters.

7. They try to get personal and ask you if you’ve a boyfriend or girlfriend even in front of your parents. *embarrassed*

8. They always have an issue with your new job and discuss it again and again. Give futile advises when they don’t know anything about your job.

9. They never call you so frequently on your birthday as that on the day of your result. Height of irritation.

10. They keep prattling if you’re studying well or if you’ve appeared for any government job exams yet.

11. They are the ones who are most jealous of you and your luxuries.

source: cultnuts

featured image source: cultnuts