11 Reasons That Make Dating a Short Guy Wonderful


No doubt women find tall guys better than short, but only until they date a short man.

Yes, short man are better that taller ones in many ways. However, a survey conducted on college students in 2012 found that only 11% of women were interested in dating short men but 47% of men were open to women taller than them. But still ladies who have been in relationship with short guys find them god.

Now, let’s see why short men are good to date:-

 1.Face to Face Talks

Talking to your boyfriend keeping your head up like watching 12th floor of a tall building is surely not as fun as talking to one’s beau while looking at his cute face comfortably.

2.More Loyalty

According to a new research from New York University taller men are more probable to get divorced than shorter men. So, when you are looking for a life-long relationship, short men are obviously a better choice.

3.Better Kisses

No tiptoes for kissing, isn’t that great!

 4.Hugging is More Fun

Imagine a hug where you can feel your cheeks together. That’s way more romantic than hugging a tall man.

5.Frequency of having Sex of Short Guys is Higher than Tall Guys

Don’t believe it? Confirm it with the Journal of Sexual Medicine which published a study claiming the fact.

6.Penis Size is not Correlated to Height

Refer to Annals of Sex Research, a 1993 study, which claims there’s no correlation between these two.

 7.Enjoy Wearing Flats

With short guys, you are not compelled to wear inconvenient high heels.

8.They are Confident

They may be short when it comes to height, but they never fall short on confidence. After all, who doesn’t want a partner full of confidence?

9.No Compromise on Awesomeness

If you think only tall guys are hot, tell which one you prefer out of these two.


10.Feel Like a Supermodel

In all the couples around you, you’ll find huge difference in height between him and her. But when your boyfriend is equal to or shorter than you, you can have a feel like supermodels.

11.You can have Eye-Catching Selfies

When your height don’t have much of difference, you can have great selfies. We all know the craze of selfies these days.


featured image source:esquire