10 Times You Find Enough Motivation To Finally Hit The Gym


Waking up early in the morning for exercise is pretty much harder if we don’t have enough motivations. Here are 10 reasons that will wake you up from bed to hit the gym.

1. The weight machine can sometimes be a question for a serious ego problem

It does not really matter what your mom says on a daily basis or what your brother says all the time. When you stand on the weighing machine and actually see the number it’s like a red light!

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2. The t-shirts show the concave circles quite too clearly near the waist

No one can endure those bangles that sometimes develop on your body after too many indulgences.

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3. Having a health freak friend

Everybody goes in the opposite direction from health in most colleges. However, after that, some tend to become serious health freaks in response. This can lead to some serious inspiration for lazy people to hit the gym.

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4. Getting addicted to a celebrity who has a banging bod!

For example, Deepika Padukone’s abs in Ram Leela was serious deal breaker.

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5. Waking up after a Binge

After too much beer and what not, there is usual sense of extreme hangover, unless you are not the normal sort. And sometimes the hangover can make you self inspect and want to better your health.

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6. Starting to follow a Sport

Looking at Ana Ivanovic in the French Open and flaunting that body while playing awesome tennis can give rise to serious body issues.

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7. Getting over a breakup

This can lead to very opposite things. People might lose weight and become very health conscious or just start guilt-eating a lot too. However, you can use mental stress to gain a healthy lifestyle to make even your ex jealous!

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8. After a good long vacation

A vacation is time when you let yourself go. It can lead to splurges and a lot of fun. However, after getting back to work your body might need a detox. The best way is to exercise.

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9. When you end up actually looking at your entire body in the mirror and not for a selfie

Love yourself and be critical as well. If you want to maintain a lifestyle which can help you lead a better life you better start exercising. It betters the quality of living.

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10. When it’s too late!  

Don’t let this stage ever be an option. When your doctor tells you there is no other way than a workout.

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Stay healthy! You have one life. Live it fully!