15 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


You are pregnant for the first time, so you may have a lot of questions in mind regarding what to eat and what not to eat. You should always have food high in vitamins and minerals. But there are certain food which can cause harm to your developing baby. Have a quick look.

1. Fish and seafood

Avoid eating raw, undercooked, unpasteurised and high content mercury fish. You can have well cooked and low mercury  content fishes and seafood.

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2. Pineapple

Pineapple can cause softening of cervix tissues and increase the risk of miscarriage, if taken in large quantities. Therefore, it is better to avoid pineapple during pregnancy.

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3. Brinjal

Brinjal is enriched with menstruation inducing properties which may lead to abortion. It causes acidity also that causes problem in pregnancy.

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4. Papaya

Seeds of papaya and unripe or semi- ripe papaya contains latex which causes uterine contractions. You can have ripe papaya which does not contain such latex.

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5. Raw eggs

Do not eat undercooked eggs. Also, avoid tasting cake batter which contains raw egg. Raw eggs can also be found in icecreams, mayonnaise. Be aware.

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6. Unpasteurised dairy products

Unpasteurized dairy products contains listeria bacteria which can cause miscarriage and also food poisoning. Check your milk, cheese, ice cream, paneer whether they are pasteurised or not.

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7. Meat and poultry

Meat and poultry should be avoided if they are raw and uncooked. Raw meat contains listeria bacteria. Also, refrigerated meat must be heated to higher temperatures before consumption.


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8. Raw sprouts

Raw sprouts may have bacteria and viruses which can cause food poisoning. Food poisoning can harm your baby during pregnancy.

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9. Unwashed fruits and vegetables

Unwashed fruits and vegetables may harbor harmful chemicals such as pesticides and bacteria. If ingested, it will cause damage to the developing foetus.

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10. Alcohol

Alcohol mixes directly with your bloodstream and is passed to baby through placenta. It may result in miscarriage and stillbirth. Avoid it completely in pregnancy.

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11. Caffeine

Caffeine consumption in large quantities can cause low weight birth, increases risk of stillbirths and abortions. Caffeine is found in chocolate, coffee, tea and many energy drinks.

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12. Processed and packaged food

Processed and packaged foods may develop bacteria as these are stored for longer period of time. Also, these may contain stabilizers, preservatives and flavours which may cause harm.

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13. Sugary food and artificial sweeteners

Sugary foods only increase the sugar content in you resulting in high sugar and high blood pressure.These are full of calories which might deprive you from healthy food. Artificial sweeteners are passed to unborn baby through placenta.

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14. Street foods

Street food is generally unhygienic which can make your stomach upset. If you crave for spicy and sour street food, then go for high quality food.

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15. Leftover food

Leftovers should not be consumed, even if kept in refrigerators. Because leftover food has chances of attracting bacteria which might cause food poisoning.

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Enjoy your pregnancy!

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