14 Hysterical Diet Memes & GIFs Everyone Who’s Trying To Lose Weight Will Relate To


So, here’s a situation for you. One side there’s extra cheese peppy paneer pizza and on the other 1 month free offer in a lose weight program. Which side would you choose? Pizza, right? There goes the story of all the foodies and their never ending cry for getting slim. These 14 memes and gifs define their situation completely.

1. Every little achievement is a celebration

For them losing even a cm is like losing 10 kgs. And this is what they do after losing a cm of their waist.

Every little achievement is a celebration

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2. “I can’t do this.”

No matter how hard they try, they just cannot stay away from their bacon and fries.

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3. Zaalim Duniya

Ah, this world will never leave these people alone.

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4. Trollin’ themselves

That’s how they diet. This is like the healthiest diet plan EVER!

5. “My diet starts tomorrow.”

If they ever plan to diet, they will eat the junk of the whole next month as a sacrifice for a diet which is never really going to happen.

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6. Desperate Foodies

In case, they try to maintain the diet, this is what happens:

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7. Diet Coke is the best

They will have diet coke, diet soda, diet chips, diet namkeen and be like, “What? I have been dieting so much, still no weight loss?”


8. “Food is my everything.”

Food is the only thing they have in their life. And you ask them to cut down on sugar, carbs and fries? That’s so mean.

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9. Temptations

How on this earth is it possible to go on a diet when things like pizza and pasta exist?

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10. Tomorrow is everything

It’s always tomorrow. Even tomorrow, it’s tomorrow; day after? tomorrow, tomorrow.

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They will order all sorts of fatty, cheesy temptations and be like:

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12. “Healthy is not my style.”

They just can’t eat salads. They are just so yuck! Eww!

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One Noble Prize has to be given to the people who created Diet Coke!

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14. ” I am feeling hungry.”

Honestly, they feel hungry like every 15 minutes.

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