Free Date Ideas To Know Your Sweetheart A Lot More


Get blown away by these fun couple activities to treat your loved one without emptying your wallet. Its not fancy dinners or Flowers or Gifts but its something that will make you learn a lot more about your love.

1.  Game Night

Spot your date’s childhood game, be its Monopoly, cards or Catch Phrase; and make the night more fun with some competition. You will love to see him tease you through the game. You can make the game more interesting by having a playful winning trophy.

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2. Go on a Test Drive

Walk in your favourite car showroom and act your way for a test drive with your partner. Driving your favourite car with your love on your side, life couldn’t be more fun.

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3. Go Stargazing

Just imagine a night on the lonely terrace under the stars on a blanket, with a bottle of wine and your head over his shoulders. Or a ride away from the city to a scenic location to admir his (or her) caring attitude. What’s more romantic than that?

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4. Movie Night

Stay home, darken the room and watch one of your favourite films. Take turns to pick the movie. You will be surprised to see how much you can learn about each other from the movie selections. If you guys are not a movie buck then go in for your favourite soap marathons.

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5. Beach

If you have a lake or a beach near by then why not take a ride  and make it the ideal romantic rendezvous. Nothing can be more open and romantic than those long walk and the trivial chat over the buzz of those wave.

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6. A romantic Hike

Grab a bottle of water, pack some snacks and dress in layers to go on a date with your romantic one to those green hills near by.

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7. Back to being Kids

Feel free to date your special love in a playground over the swings and the monkey bar. Grab a Frisbee or shoot some hoops to torch some extra calories and in the process rejonivate yourselves.

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8. Photoshoot

Go grab pictures for your love; for your phone or desk or for your home wall. Use interesting costumes and backdrops to get your love smiling away.

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9. Window shopping

Window shopping are the best places to take your love for an evening walk. No need to buy anything but do try out all kinds of new fashion to get your love admiring.

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10. Kite Fight

Engage in a kite fight with your love. If you don’t know how to fly one then make your love teach you the techniques and enjoy his/her creasing you in the process.

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11. Couple Massage at home

Home version massages are a frugal way to delight your love and enjoy the rejonovating moments. Body cream, candles and your bed as the massage table is the perfect combo.

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12. Learn together

Dance class, cooking class or testing your foreign language skills over an Italian bigninner’s guide are perfect ways to engage in common likings.

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13. Cook together

Sugar, flour, butter and eggs with your sweetheart over the dinner post work can be really  reviving.

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