7 Easy Ways To Get Your Desired Girlfriend


We all somewhere feel the need of being loved by that someone ‘special’. This happens mostly during extreme situations, when we are extremely happy or extremely low, we just want someone beside us with whom we can just share our heart. Here are those 7 way for boys to get a girlfriend.

1. Don’t be desperate

Don’t rush into just any girl. Don’t ask every girl out. Be cool and self-sufficed. Start talking with them and gradually you’ll know.

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2. Think before you approach

Get to know each other well. Observe her behaviour towards you if it is any way different than others. If she likes to do special things for you. Be sure about the girl you want to date.

Think before you approach

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3. Stop being a misogynist

Think before you speak. You might be hurting a lot of girls with your sexist jokes. This will decrease your chances of getting a girlfriend that you desire.

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4. Be a nice guy

Be careful with how you approach her. If you like her and want to take her out, it’s always best to propose her. Let her say her thoughts. Don’t force too much.

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5. Let her see your sensitive side

It’s OK to not act manly for the moment when not required. It’s good to be open, emotional, and ‘you’ with the person you really like spending time with.

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6. Be You

Be the person you’re in real. Don’t try to act and be someone else. Dress the way you always do. Order what you always like to eat. Let her know who she might be dating in future, the real way.


7. Don’t play around

Go for it only if you seriously want to date that girl. Playing around is no fun for any!

 Don't play around

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