Bored Of Weights? Build Muscles With These 5 Awesome Yoga Moves


Bored of lifting weights? Wish to build muscles gracefully? Yoga isn’t just a great stress-busting exercise. It can burn muscles, reduce belly fat and build strength. Stretching and holding a position strengthens muscles. Try these 5 amazing asanas:

1. Tree Pose

Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Take a deep breath and pick up your right foot. Place it against your left thigh, slowly. Transfer all your weight onto your right leg. Don’t lock the knee or place your right foot on the knee. Keep it under the knee.

Place your hands in a prayer pose and raise them as high as you can above your head. Hold for one minute. Breathe. Repeat for the opposite leg.

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2. Shoulder Stand

Lie flat on your back. Inhale. Exhale and raise both your legs straight up. Remember to keep them together. Your weight should be balanced on your head, neck, upper arms and shoulders. You can place your hands on your hips for support or leave them flat on the floor. Hold it for one minute. Rest and repeat.

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3. Cobra Pose

Lie on your stomach. Place your hands below your shoulders and gradually lift your chest up. Hips should be firmly planted on the ground. Lift your chest as high as possible with the goal of making your arms straight. Your back will arch and you’ll feel a stretch in your stomach and pelvis. Hold for one minute. Rest and repeat.

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4. Bear Pose

Place your feet wide apart. Bend your knees till your thighs are parallel to the ground. You should be squatting. Lift your arms parallel to the ground, shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight. Hold for one minute. Rest and repeat.

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5. Warrior I Pose

Place your feet apart. Your right leg should be in front of your left leg and directly in front. Turn your left leg at a 45 degree angle. Put your arms above your head, shoulder-width apart and exhale. Bend your right knee and go into a lunge position. Hold for one minute. Rest and repeat on the other leg.

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With these simple asanas, you’ll be well on your way to weight loss and increased muscle mass in no time.

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