35 Movies That Will Be Super Awkward To Watch With Parents


25. Gone Girl

One disturbing movie about a woman’s disappearance, the second half is especially deranged as character’s true mask is revealed. Sorry Neil Patrick Harris!

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26. Election

Alexander Payne’s champion film about a high school election, which changes the life of everyone involved. A bunch of crazy characters!

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27. Teeth

About a woman who finds she has a biological advantage to combat sexual violence, full of dismembered private organs. Plenty gore, plenty nudity.

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28. AntiChrist

The movie begins with a close-up of an intercourse. I wonder how many children still sat through the film after that ‘bang’ of an opening sequence.

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29. Neighbours

This incredibly fun movie about a frat-house opening next to these middle-aged couple who are welcoming their new baby. To give you an idea, there’s a scene where their baby is accidentally found chewing on a condom. ’nuff said!

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30. EuroTrip

Right down the lane of those lame American teenager films, it follows a high schooler looking to backpack across Europe. No opportunity for nudity has been spared.

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