12 Things You Will Relate To If You Have Studied In An Engineering College


Engineering is considered to be one of the most sought after professions in India. Unfortunately, for students who devote their entire youth to get into a good engineering college have to compromise with their interests & hobbies to get good grades. Books like Five Point Someone & films like Three Idiots aptly projected the plight of a fellow engineering students.

Reflect upon these pointers to understand the life of an engineering student.

1. Assignments, Practicals & Exams

There’s no escaping from the life of good grades which will lead to good placements.

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2. Dearth Of Girls In The College

The  few good-looking ones are either junior or senior to you.

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3. Proposing to a girl is like inviting threats from her one-sided lovers.

Guys be like : Woh Meri Bandi Hai…Usey Bhool Ja.

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4. And If You Are A Girl Studying Engineering, You Will Have Lots Of Stalkers.

You have to think twice before accepting a friend request from someone in your college.

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