‘Anaconda’ Found In Bengaluru, Leaving The People Terrified


It was a normal day in the city of Bengaluru until they spotted this ferocious creature which broke the city into a frenzy.

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An anaconda right in the middle of a street in Bengaluru, slithering up a pothole. Do not believe it?

Before you freak out, the truth is that it wasn’t a real one. An NGO in Bengaluru, The Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) came up with this idea of installing this huge life size anaconda in one of the water logged potholes in the Yeshwanthpur market. It isn’t surprising to believe that the passer-bys were in for a terrible shock!

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The lack of proper drainage system has further increased the problem of everyday commuters facing never-ending traffic jams and even getting affected with water-borne diseases like dengue and malaria. This initiative was taken by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s attention to get the roads repaired. The NBF team shared their experience of installing the anaconda. It was  the support of the locals and the media, that they could achieve such an initiative. This move by the NBF team is greatly supported by the people of Bengaluru. This isn’t a single issue. A few months ago, artist Beedal Nanjundaswamy had installed a crocodile in one of the potholes.

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