10 Things Every Woman Looks For In A Man


The little things you do for a woman means the world to her. Because, women have a good memory. Some men always wonder what can make a woman feel on the top of the world. But nothing makes them happy and satisfied, as much as simplicity does. If you are still confused about what to do to make your girl feel happy, here’s a list of top 10 things to do to woo a woman.

1. An Articulate Man

They love it if a man can sway her heart through his charms. The charm lies in how much he has read to intellectually stimulate a woman.

Source: tumblr

2. Pretty Flowers

Gift her some pretty roses and she will treasure the gift for the rest of her lives.

Source: theepochtimes

3. Women love men who can listen well

Because they have lots to say and they are looking for men who can hear them out well.

Source: topyaps

4. A Good Kisser

Just a good kiss and a woman is all yours.

Source: tumblr 

5. Men Who Can Smell Good

Women have a thing for odour and bad odour puts them off completely.

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