12 coolest jobs if you love travel and hate your 9-6 job


Do you hate to work in a meaningless job of 9-6 and sometimes wonder if you could simply run away and travel all over the world. If you simply love exploring new places, then there are ample jobs just waiting for you to take up and live a dream life.

Here are some of the jobs where you can make money with your passion of travel


1. Travel Writer

Experience writing has been in trend for sometime now and with new and new blogs coming up, writers do get paid to travel to various countries and cities to live and experience life there.

Source - Travelpurveyor

2. Travel Nursing

If you are good with patients and can make them feel better, then nursing jobs abroad are simply waiting for you. With full pay, insurance and accommodation, in some cases, such jobs can be pretty exciting isn’t.

Source: vkmed


3. Flight Attendant

If you don’t have flight phobia, then travelling all over the world, that too for free, can be very exciting. Though the hours can be unusual and you have to be calm and presentable all the time, but the crazy flight discounts for family is super awesome.

Source: traveller


4. Cruise ship Photographers

Cruise ships always have openings for photographers and while it involves quite a lot of commitment in term of time, you get to experience a whole new world of travel, if you don’t have seasickness.

Source: alphacoders


5. Bartender

Life of a bartender is not only exciting but also pretty cinematic. If you are king of mixing drinks and have that charm to woo the crowd, then just get that visa done and simply head to any country. Shaking and stirring can make loads of money.

Source: uclu


6. Scuba Instructor

If you love scuba diving, then why don’t you make it a profession and teach others. Many countries always have openings for scuba-diving trainers and you will get to experience under-waters of so many countries. Remember Katrina Kaif in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, her life was so cool, isn’t.

Source - triip


7. Au Pair

These days Indians are living and studying abroad with a foreign family IN return, they take care of their host family’s children. You get to experience a new country, while paying for your education too.

Source: goabroad


8. International Hotel Job

If you work for a hotel which has internal tie-ups or a franchise, then today is your day. Why don’t you butter up your boss and get the international transfer.

Source: hilton


9. International Aid Worker

Not only you get to travel all over the world, but you also get to see the real-life problems which no one would tell you otherwise.

Source: charityandsecurity


10. Diplomat

If you are preparing for civil services, why don’t you try for Indian Foreign Services. Not only will you get to work for your country, but also get to travel all over the world on government expense. Cool isn’t

Source: India New England


11. Travel Show Host

If you can charm people away with your talks, then travel show host is the perfect job for you. Exploring new places, unveiling the culture of the place, this job can be pretty exciting.

Source: Indian Untravelled

12. Merchant Navy

Though not easy, Merchant Navy take you places you would have not even heard of. Being to new countries every time, it take courage to be in the sea for months and months.

Source: maritimeacademy

Why wait for a holiday, when you can earn while exploring new places.