Groom Wants Wedding Cancelled After Bride Refuses To Send Nude Selfie


Recently got engaged to a girl and about to get married? Life is beautiful, isn’t.

Every guy follows the below steps religiously:

A) Send her a friend request on FB
B) Talk to her up regularly at night before you go to bed
C) Go on frequent dates with her to know her better
D) Ask her for nude selfies. Repeatedly

Got shocked? Couldn’t believe it..hold your breath while we tell you that it’s true.

Source - Jawkwardlol

According to a report on, a certain 33-year-old Jithendra Ramakrishna from Thane, Maharashtra, threatened to break off the engagement with his to-be-wife, just because she refused to send him nude selfies, despite him asking repeatedly.


On one side, our Indian Society forces a girl to pledge to not get closer to any guy before marriage and on other side, she is being forced to reveal her nude photos, just because it has been asked by her to-be-husband.


After she refused, he proceeded to ask her for Rs. 3 lakhs as dowry. When the parents of the girl got fed up, the matter was reported to the cops, who then booked Ramakrishna and his family under the dowry act.

Beta… tumse na ho payega.