Five Exercises For Toning Arms


If you want to tone up your arms, fitness expert Hannah Rees has five easy exercises that will get your biceps and triceps in shape in no time.

You’ll need a resistance band and a box - and by the time you’re done, you’ll probably need a license to carry those guns. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Exercise 1: Bicep Curl


Take the resistance band and put it under the arch of your foot. Grip it with your palms facing forward.

On your inhaling breath, curl the arm toward the shoulder. Exhale as you bring it back down.

Be careful not to lock out the arm at the bottom of the movement as that will keep the tension in the bicep.

Exercise 2: Hammer Curl


Use the resistance band again, but this time with a different grip, with your thumb facing forward.

On the inhale, bend your forearm towards to your shoulder, keeping the elbow tight to the torso.

Pause at the top and release back down again. Remember not to lock out at the bottom of the movement!

Exercise 3: Tricep Kickback


This will work the opposing muscle to your bicep, so it’s a great way of getting an all-round tone on your arms.

Stand on the resistance band, letting it pass under the arch of the feet.

Lean your torso slightly forward, bending your elbows to create tension with the band.

Bend your forearms back behind you, keeping your upper arm stationary.

Don’t forget to pause at the full range of motion and then release back down again.

Exercise 4: Overhead Bicep Extension


Pass the band behind your head with one arm. Keep the arm in line with your body, and extend the lower arm toward the ceiling. Release back down again, and keep looking straight ahead.

Exercise 5: Tricep Dip

For this exercise, you’ll need a box or a chair. Place your hands on the edge of the box or chair, and scoot your hips forward. Walk your feet forward too, keeping your torso close to the box/chair.

Lower your body down to the floor, ideally with a 90 degree angle on the arms. Then push back up again, keeping the torso nice and tight.

If you want to make it easier you can walk the legs slightly further back towards the chair or box.


featured image source:hellawella