15 Times Flipkart Got Trolled And We All Got Entertained


In this love-hate relationship we share with these websites, Flipkart somehow manages to stands out. Time and again, angry people, bored people and Internet jerks have poked fun at poor ol’ Flipkart, giving the rest of us free LOLs.

Sorry Flipkart, but this is really funny:

1. When Flipkart added an all new payment option.

2. When Flipkart discovered Mumbai on India’s map.

3. When Flipkart tried Amazon.

4. When Flipkart got snapped by Snapdeal.

5. When Flipkart took Right To Education seriously.

6. When Flipkart got a nickname.

7. When Flipkart joined hands with NaMo.

8. When someone wrote a poem for Flipkart.

9. When bullies caught up with Flipkart.

10. When someone talked dirty to Flipkart.

11. When Flipkart had to walk away slimily.

12. When people were plain honest with Flipkart.

13. When someone pulled Flipkart’s leg, over legs.

14. When Flipkart was just being Flipkart.

15. When Flipkart looked into the mirror.


There there Flipkart, do you want to buy some tissues on discount?


featured image source:scoopwhoop