18 Bollywood Movies Which Will Alter Your Perception Towards Life


Cinema is the reflection of society and vice-versa. However, a society has its own deep rooted beliefs and perceptions which trickle down through the ages and become a reference point for generations to come. In such a scenario, is it possible for a piece of art to come and impact your perceptions in a way that you see something in a whole new light?

Well, we say miracles happen, provided you sit through them! Here are 18 Bollywood movies which will change your perception towards life:

1. The Lunchbox

If the word sensible had a cinematic meaning, it’s got to be The Lunchbox. Irrfan Khan has a special talent of breaking down complex things into very simple and consumable portions which become readily acceptable to the audiences. How else would you explain a conservative society like India loving a movie on extra-marital affair which is what The Lunchbox is all about! The movie beautifully captures the emptiness of two lives and fills it with sweetness with the stroke of some luck. What follows is a pure treat by Nimrat Kaur and Irrfan, literally!

2. Rang De Basanti

Anyone who watches this movie will feel a connect, especially the youth. Aren’t our adrenaline levels always pumping and haven’t we all discussed the flaws of the system over a cup of steaming chai? But what have we actually done to fix it? Nothing. Rang De Basanti tries to create an environment of increased activism on matters of public interest and throws open a debate: do we want to take matters into our hands or keep crying foul about the inefficiencies of the society?

3. Lakshya

Being aimless in life and careless about career is a phase everyone goes through. Having a quarter-life crisis is not so bad either. However, the magic lies in waking up at the right time. Forget everyone else, the real deal is to surprise yourself with your own capabilities and to do something that you yourself never expected to do. After all, this is what Lakshya taught us. To leave one life and live the other!

4. Paan Singh Tomar

While biopics of legendary people always inspire viewers, it takes a movie like Paan Singh Tomar to shake them up to the conditions and tragedies of these stalwarts post their prime. PST is the story of a real-life athlete Paan Singh Tomar, a gold medalist who went onto becoming a dacoit, after the world around him refused to acknowledge him for his accomplishments and kept pushing him down. The USP of the movie lies in the stirring tragedy of PST’s life which drives him to seek revenge from the system, for his lost career and life. This one is history in motion.

5. A Wednesday

In these times of increased violence and hatred towards each other, aren’t we all living an uncertain life which might just end today, at this very moment? But we, the common people, sit quietly like always while our safety becomes a game of ping-pong between terrorists and our government. This film stresses on the importance of a wake-up call to our government to act towards the safety of its citizens. A Wednesday is a stirring message to all common men like me and you to not play vulnerable all the time and come together and ask our system to be accountable to us.

6. Dil Chahta Hai

There are times when you want the clock to stop. There are times when you don’t want to leave a place. There are times when everything just feels right about the company that you have. Such is the gravity of friendship in youth. You don’t want to grow old. But unfortunately, time waits for no one and one has to move on in life and live one’s own story. Dil Chahta Hai is a coming-of-age story which remains an essential part of everyone’s life, simply because it holds true no matter how many times we watch it.

7. Udaan

Easily the most relatable, easily the most convincing. That’s why Udaan works and changes your deep rooted perceptions towards a very tender phase of a child’s life, teenage. The movie tracks the journey of Rohan, who returns to his home after 8 years of boarding school, only to be welcomed by a disciplinarian father and a half brother.  The beauty of Udaan lies in the way Rohan fights and aims for his dreams rather than being tied down by his father. The movie sends a strong message which says we can become whatever we want in life, all we need to do is give our dreams a little flight.

8. 3 Idiots

One of the most favourite activities in India is bashing the education system and its practices. 3 Idiotsasks you to bring a change within yourselves before seeking a change in the system. We study to learn and not to understand and this is what needs to change. 3 Idiots makes us laugh at our own shortcomings and at the Indian education system which is still plagued with the prejudices of money and grades. Education should not be about percentages, cut-offs and degrees and it MUST be available to one and all. This is what 3 Idiots is all about.

9. Queen

What would happen  if you hit rock bottom in life? When you’re down, the only way to go is up, saysQueen. This movie is like a beautiful poem which suddenly makes you feel good about life. It makes its viewers believe that there are people out there you can trust and look up to for friendship and guidance. And, most importantly, if there is no one, you still have yourself. So just go out, and live every single day of your life to the fullest.