16 Laws And Rights Every Indian Should Be Aware Of


13. Head constables have limited prosecution power

No head constable can fine you for any offence which presently has a penalty for more than Rs.100. But violation of more than one rule can result in a challan of higher value. This was issued by the Delhi Traffic Police and information about the same is available on their Facebook page.

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14. A police officer is always on duty, literally

The 1861 Police Act clearly states that a police officers is always on duty. If he or she witnesses an act of crime or if an incident is brought to their knowledge they can’t say “I am not on duty” even if they aren’t in uniform. Of course, they are entitled to some rest because of the the hard work that they put in to their work.

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15. The no sex divorce

As funny as it sounds, if a husband or a wife refuse sex post marriage, it can be deemed as ‘mental cruelty’ and is a viable reason for divorce.

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16. If you have a son and you are looking to adopt another… well, you can’t!

The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 clearly states that if you have a Hindu son or a son’s son or a son’s son’s son, you cannot adopt another one. Same goes for a daughter. And the minimum age gap should be 21 years between the child and the adopter.

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